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We apologize.

If you came to this page yesterday, you would have found a listing of The Most Influential People in Podcasts. Today, we have decided to pull that article.

The list was created to celebrate and promote notable efforts in the podcast industry, which we recently entered. It was also meant to engage the community. That it did.

The list was criticized for having 20 men and two women. In speaking with Julie Shapiro, Executive Producer of Radiotopia, she said this has been an ongoing industry issue where the ratio of men to women in prominent roles and discussions “always seems about 10 to 1.” Her disappointment, she said, was that we had a chance to change those numbers and we didn’t. Followers on social media scolded us all day long for the lack of women and people of color on the list.

Clearly, there are many influential women and POC shaping the podcast industry, and we apologize for the deficiencies in our list and for making the mistake of not digging deeper. For if we did, we surely would have come across many names of women and POC worthy of inclusion that were tweeted at us throughout the day.

In fact, one list appeared today that recognizes “The 22 Most Influential Women in Podcasting.” We also want to recognize a list published by Manoush Zomorodi in April in Note to Self of “40 Female Podcast Hosts Who Deserve Your Ears,” as well as the many lists recognizing the contributions of POC to podcasting.

We sought out the conversation with Julie Shapiro, in that she was one of the first on social media to challenge our list for its lack of women. She has been a champion for women in podcasting and wrote an insightful piece a couple of years back on the industry imbalance of men to women relating to podcast hosts. While the ratios may have shifted somewhat since that writing, the points still hold.

So moving forward? We’d like to be part of a solution. Please allow us to invite you here and now to offer your suggestions on who you’d include among the most influential people in podcasts. And tell us why. Our intent to celebrate the industry has not been dampened. In fact, it has been invigorated from the lessons learned.

As it turns out, there is an event taking place this week in New York called “Werk It: A Women’s Podcast Festival,” hosted by WNYC Studios. It is providing a showcase for the important podcast work being done by women. The overview on the events page says it will offer “uncomfortable conversations.” We apologize if we are part of those conversations.




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